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Projectors and nightlights

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Safety and longevity: functions with LED (no risk of burns) and rechargeable (USB port).

From birth

Lumiblo MAGIC LANTERN H: 16 cm - Ø 10cm.

54 465 each 43.22 / 35.14 H From birth more information on our websiteStarfish AMBIANCE NIGHTLIGHT PROJECTOR

Dive into an animated under-sea environment combining waves and fish with a choice of 2 musical pieces (volume adjusts). 2 exclusive programmes "Calm Child" (20 minutes) and "Agitated Child" (40 minutes) to suit the mood. Each programme follows 3 times: capture the attention, calm and send to sleep. Works with 3 AA batteries (not included) L: 27 cm - W: 27 cm. Made from PLASTIC. FABRIC. Washable at 30°C (textile part only)

54 463 each 54.05 / 43.94

K From birth RECHARGEABLE MUSICAL STAR PROJECTOR (USB) The projector creates a starry sky to calm and help fall asleep. It plays a soft lullaby with two sound levels. The stars change colour or freeze. Compact and wireless, it can be placed anywhere. Economical and very practical, it turns itself off after 22 minutes (15 min for the music) ...No need to get up! Consists of: 1 projector and 1 USB cable. 22 minute timer. 2 music volume levels. Rechargable using a USB port (cable supplied). Charge for 2 hours. Battery life for approx 15 cycles. L: 16.5 cm - W: 14.5 cm. Made from PLASTIC. Colour BEIGE (010). 44 626 each 47.55 / 38.66

M + 3 years New OCEAN LIGHT AND SOUND PROJECTOR When turned on, this small projector diffuses beautiful colours and shapes comparable to ocean waves while emitting 4 different melodies: seaside, waterfall/birds, summer night and forest. Consists of: 1 projector, 1 remote control, 1 auxiliary cable and 1 USB cable. USB power supply. H: 10 cm - Ø 13 cm. Made from PLASTIC.

55 238 each 32.39 / 26.33 I + 3 years SOUND AND LIGHT MOOD LAMP By simply pressing the top of this lamp, it diffuses an alternating set of lights. Choose one sound out of 5 available: stream, ocean, summer night, birdsong or Angelus. The sound and light programmes can function separately or together, stopping after 30 minutes. Requires 3 AA batteries. Side 10 cm Batteries not included 46 232 each 24.37 / 19.81

From birthN New Quiet Turtle NIGHT LIGHT Soft toy during the day, it turns into a reassuring night light. It diffuses a soft magical underwater light and projects the movement of the ocean waves onto the ceiling. A marine melody and the sound of waves (white noise) soothe for a relaxing sleep. 6 adjustable volume levels. Adjustable brightness and motion to create different environments. 23-minute timer that ensures complete darkness during the child's deep sleep. Requires 3 AA batteries (included). L: 33 cm - W: 20 cm. Made from FABRIC and PLASTIC. Choice of colours: AZURE BLUE (157) - ULTRAMARINE (062).

56 993 each 63.91 / 51.96

From birthL Rabbit STAR PROJECTOR NIGHTLIGHT The musical star nightlight creates a starry sky on the ceiling and plays a gentle lullaby to calm and send to sleep. The stars can either change colour or freeze. Compact and wireless, it can be placed anywhere. It turns itself off after 22 minutes. Removable projector with 3 colours of projections. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). L: 30 cm - W: 28 cm. Made from PLASTIC. FABRIC. Washable at 30°C (textile part only)

54 464 each 43.22 / 35.14

+ 18 monthsJ STARRY NIGHT PROJECTOR Enchanting and soothing for children. It turns itself off after 30 minutes. Compact and wireless to take anywhere. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Ø 14 cm - H: 5 cm. Made from PLASTIC.

53 246 each 12.13 / 9.86

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