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Highly resistant vinyl fabric, easy maintenance

24 kg/m³ foam: strength and longevity, will not lose its shape

Design wesco


Complies with standard NFS 54-300 : motor activity safety

M2 fire retardant fabric


Firm and comfortable foam 24kg/m³ density polyether foam for greater longevity over time: does not lose its shape.

Hygienic The vinyl cover is easy to clean, with either a soft cloth and cold soapy water or with our cleaning product.

Very strong fabric Coated fabric on a jersey support, stitched all round with extra strong nylon thread. This covering does not lead to friction burns. Highly-resistant stitching

All our modules are sewn, with no fastenings, to avoid injuring children. Our "embroidered" stitching seals the modules, and prevents children from getting inside them.

+ 3 years for use under adult supervision

The first motor skill modules for children aged 3+!

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