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I + 8 years QUARTO Activity for 2 children. In this all-wooden game, the winner is the first to line up four pieces with at least one common feature...not so simple when your opponent chooses the pieces you play! A game combining reflection and strategy. Consists of: 1 wooden playing board, 16 pieces and 1 set of rules. Average playing time: 15 min. Board L: 26cm - W: 26cm. Made from WOOD.

53 546 set 35.74 / 29.06

+ 3 yearsF 50 rules BOARD GAME CHEST Activity for 1 to 10 children. Wooden chest to discover or rediscover the classic board games! It includes : Snakes and ladders, ludo, draughts, hopscotch, yams, 421, etc. Comes with the rules of the games. Consists of: 1 wooden chest, 5 dice, 8 horses, 4 geese and 40 draughts. Board: side 33 cm - Thickness: 5 cm. Made from WOOD. Supplied in a storage box.

44 329 set 32.39 / 26.33 + 8 yearsJ

PYLOS Activity for 2 children. The two players each receive 15 marbles, and arrange them in turn in the shape of a pyramid. Simple principles so the players use their marbles wisely: the most economical will win the game by putting the last marble at the top of the pyramid. Consists of: 1 pyramid shaped board, 30 wooden marbles, 1 fabric bag and 1 set of rules. Average playing time: 15 min. Board L: 25cm - W: 25cm. Made from WOOD.

53 547 set 34.66 / 28.18

G + 6 years SOLITAIRE easy version A fun strategy game that provides a challenge with every new game! The polished wood marbles must jump over each other, so that at the end, there is only one left. Ø 21 cm - H: 2.5 cm. Made from WOOD.

54 423 set 15.06 / 12.24

H + 8 years MANCALA Activity for 2 children. Based on the principle of the game of Oware, the aim of Mancala is to collect as many "pebbles" as possible. With the 12 recesses filled, the players take it in turn to remove a pile of pebbles and redistribute them among the following recesses. If the last pebble is placed in a recess containing only one or two pebbles, the player picks up the pebbles from this recess and from the previous one. This exciting game promotes concentration and reflection. Average playing time: 10 min. Consists of: 1 game board and 48 stones. Game board: open L: 43.5 cm - W: 12.5 cm - th: 1.5 cm. Made from WOOD.

25 708 set 25.67 / 20.87

From 3 set 22.96 / 18.67

K + 8 years QUORIDOR Activity for 2 to 4 children The players share the barriers and everyone puts their pawns in the center of their starting line. Each taking turns to move their pawns one space or pose a barrier to slow the opponent. Pawns must overcome barriers which create a maze of which they must come out very quickly as the first to reach the line opposite their starting line wins. Average playing time: 15 min. Consists of: 1 square board with 81 3D squares, 20 barriers and 4 pawns. Board Side: 26 cm - Thickness: 1 cm / Barrier Length: 3.5 cm - Height: 1.8 cm. Made from WOOD.

05 213 set 39.53 / 32.14

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