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+ 3 years New Farmer Max COOPERATION GAME Activity Workshop 2 to 4 children Cooperative game where children must succeed in growing all the vegetables before the crow eats the seeds. Consists of: 1 board, 2 characters, 1 dice and 12 vegetables. Side: 25 cm. Made from CARDBOARD. 56 659 set 19.38 / 15.76

+ 4 years New Pingui Land COOPERATION GAME Activity Workshop 2 to 4 children Cooperative game where children have to help Ping├╝i escape the avalanche and reach the nearby island before the Snow Monster. Consists of: 1 board, 2 animals, 1 dice and 22 cards. Side: 24 cm. Made from CARDBOARD. 56 657 set 19.38 / 15.76

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+ 4 years Hop hop hop COOPERATION GAME Activity for 2 to 6 children. A game in which players must put the shepherdess, her dog and her sheep in the sheepfold before the wind blows the bridge away. The dice indicates how far the players advance. But watch out, when the dice indicates the "wind" symbol, the players must remove one of the bridge supports! The players have to get the flock to the shelter before the bridge collapses. Average playing time: 15 min. Consists of: Comprises 1 set of 4 boards, 1 sheepfold and its roof beam, 1 bridge, 10 pieces, 1 wooden stick, 1 shepherdess, 9 sheep, 1 dog, 1 dice. Board: Side 22 cm - th: 0.3 cm. Made from CARDBOARD (board, shepherdess and bridge) and WOOD (counters, posts and stick). 26 333 set 26.97 / 21.93

+ 5 years

Woolfy COOPERATION GAME Activity from 2 to 4.children The children must build the brick house in order to place the 3 pigs inside the house and out of harm's way before the wolf catches them and puts them in the pot! In order to do this, the player must land on a "brick" which allows them to add another brick wall to the house. But be careful: each time a little piggy crosses the wolf's path, it is placed in the pot. In order to escape, you have to land on a "pot" and then roll the dice: Rolling a 1, 2, 3 or the house symbol will free an imprisoned pig. Average playing time: 20 min. Consists of: 1 gameboard, 3 pig pieces, 1 wolf piece, 1 pot, 1 brick house and 3 dice. Board: Length: 50.5 cm - Width: 36 cm. Made from CARDBOARD and PLASTIC. 41 652 set 29.14 / 23.69

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