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Large cards

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE GAME Activity for 2 to 6 players. To play the game, select one of the 4 illustrations, share the cards between the players and turn one over. All the players must turn over the first card of their pack and, at the same time, look for the 2 differences between their card and the central card. The first player to find them wins the game. Average playing time : 15/20 min. Consists of: 50 double-sided cards and 1 set of rules. 2 levels of difficulty L: 13cm - W: 9cm. Made from Laminated PAPER. Supplied in a storage box.

Original 53 550 set 13.54 / 11.01

Junior 53 551 set 13.54 / 11.01



Card Games

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visual recognition and speed

J + 5 years K + 6 years New SARDINES MEMORY GAME Activity for 2 to 4 children. After receiving 5 "sardine" cards, the players must memorise the large "sardine tin" card. They must remember if the sardine cards in their possession are present on the "sardine tin" card. The player with the best memory wins the game. Average playing time: 15 min. Consists of: 10 large "sardine tin" cards, 40 "sardine" cards. Small card L: 10.5 cm - W: 7 cm. Made from CARDSTOCK PAPER.

22 492 set 11.38 / 9.25

CARD GAME Bizarre Bazaar Activity Workshop: from 2 to 8 players. Each time a card is turned over you have to be the first to grab the right object! If an object of the same colour as your wooden figurine appears on a card, you must grab it quickly. If no item on the card is of the right colour, you have to grab the figurine that has nothing in common with the card! Consists of: 5 wooden pieces, 60 cards and 1 rule book Card L: 9 cm - W: 6 cm. Made from CARDBOARD 55 477 set 16.79 / 13.65

I + 3 years New MINIMATCH CARD GAME Activity for 2 to 5 players. You have to concentrate and stay focused ! The first one to find an element of their game on the big "Jumble" card, plays their card in a flash! A game to develop the sense of observation and speed. Average playing time : 10 min. Consists of: 52 cards and 1 set of rules. Card L: 14 cm - W: 10.5 cm. Made from CARDBOARD. 55 548 set 10.73 / 8.72

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