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Association games

+ 3 years WHICH ROOM ARE WE IN? Matching game to learn to classify activities carried out in different rooms of the house. Consists of: 35 cards and a dice with stickers L: 7.5 cm - W: 7.5 cm. Colour various (171). 54 321 set 21.12 / 17.17

+ 2 years



ASSOCIATION GAME Activity for 2 to 4 children. Specially designed for toddlers with funny animals, simple rules and game times appropriate for their age. Average playing time : 10 min. Made from CARDBOARD and PLASTIC.

Little association Speed and observation game. The rabbit, the cow and the frog live in the vegetable patch, the field and the pond (habitats). Each habitat is made up of certain elements (cards)which have to be matched to them. One by one, each child draws a card. Once they have worked out which habitat the card belongs to, they place the animal on the corresponding habitat. The winner is the one with the most cards Consists of: 3 habitat cards, 30 cards and 3 animals. Card: side: 7 cm.

41 666 set 14.83 / 12.06

Little circuit Observation and colour recognition game. The small animals are walking along the path. The dice rolls the colour red! The little dog can move to the next red square... the first to get to the multicoloured square at the end of the path, wins a token. The winner is the first to get 3 tokens. Consists of: 1 game board, 4 animals, 1 dice and 15 tokens. Board: L: 100 cm - W: 14 cm.

41 667 set 14.83 / 12.06

Little memo Memory game. The 9 animals are placed in the middle of the table. The children must memorise their position and then close their eyes. One animal is placed in the box. The children must then work out which animal is missing. The first to say the correct answer wins a token. The winner is the player with the most tokens. Consists of: 1 box, 30 tokens and 9 small creatures. Token: Ø3.5 cm.

41 668 set 18.41 / 14.97

Little observation A game of observation and speed, specially designed for toddlers, featuring funny animals, simple rules and an age-appropriate playing time. The butterflies are placed in the middle of the table. On their turn, the player must roll the dice and match the butterfly with the same colour combination on the dice. Consists of: 30 tokens, 9 butterfly and 2 die. Butterfly Length: L: 6.5 cm - W: 5.5 cm.

41 671 set 18.30 / 14.88


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