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Carefully select tables Design wesco

Complies with standard EN 1729 school furniture Stable, strong and easy to clean, our tables have been especially

designed for schools and nurseries. The various materials, treatments and coatings used have been selected for their ability to

withstand intensive use. Select according to your needs: the material, shape and size of the table, the colour and height of the


Delivered flat-packed, do-it-yourself installation.

C la

ss ro

om a

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Choose the right size !

For optimised ergonomics, we recommend selecting your

products to match the user's height (which must be in the

mid-range of the size interval).


Choice of


Table top heightSeat heightUser stature Users

Size 00

Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5

Size 6


Nursery school : junior section

Nursery school: middle section

Nursery school: big section

Primary P1/P2

Primary : P2/P3

Primary : P3/Adult Find our activity tables and outdoor tables on p. 322 to 331

37 cm

40 cm

46 cm

53 cm

59 cm

64 cm

71 cm

76 cm.

under 80 cm

80 to 95 cm

93 to 116 cm

108 to 121 cm

119 to 142 cm

133 to 159 cm

146 to 176 cm

over 159 cm

18 cm

21 cm

26 cm

31 cm

35 cm

38 cm

43 cm

46 cm