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From birth HEAD REST Can be used with our baby bouncers. Ideal for supporting the head of the smallest of children. L: 33 cm - W: 19 cm - th: 3 cm. Made from FABRIC. Choice of colours: ORANGE (007) - LIGHT BLUE (057) - LIGHT GREEN (037). 45 198 each 9.21 / 7.49

A solution for well-being

Maximum safety

Very soft ultra padded cover, provides maximum comfort

5 point safety harness

Comfort solution

Baby bouncers Comfortable: BASIC and

WELL-BEING models have a padded crotch post 3 point safety harness

3 solutions to meet every need

Economic solution

Light, soft and breathable fabric. 3 point safety harness. Up to 9 months or 9 kg

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From birth NIDOO With harness H. Maxi : 40 cm - Ø 60 cm.

49 531 each 107.77 / 87.62

Never place the babyseat high up,always on the ground.Never carry the baby bouncer with the baby inside Do not use the baby bouncer when the child is able to sit on their own This bouncer is not intended for long periods of sleep