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Nidoo Ultra stable and extra comfortable Our Nidoo combines a stable, firm foam base with a soft and fluid cushion filled with microbeads, which adapt perfectly to the body of the baby, whilst maintaining safety during rocking. Available in 2 models: a model with a harness for keeping the baby completely safe, and a simple model that allows the child to relax easily.

+ 12 months

Hygienic washable cover Fabric guaranteed free from azo dyes.

Microbead filling with a firm and stable foam base

You can easily change the colour of your item by ordering an extra cover.

Up to 9 months or 9kg!

Baby bouncers page 246

Choice of colours GREY/ORANGE (153) - GREY/BLUE (152) - GREY/GREEN (176) eacheach

Replacement cover for Nidoo with harness 49 528 64.88 / 52.75

Replacement cover for Nidoo seat 49 529 59.47 / 48.35

NIDOO With harness 49 531 107.77 / 87.62

NIDOO Seat 49 532 104.21 / 84.72

H. Maxi : 40 cm - Ø 60 cm.

H. Maxi : 40 cm - Ø 60 cm.

Never place the Nidoo high up, it must always be placed on the ground. Never carry the Nidoo harness model with the baby inside. Do not use the Nidoo harness model when the child is able to sit on its own. It is not intended to be used for long periods of sleep.

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