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1. Introduction Our general terms and conditions of sale go- vern the sale of products offered by Wesco in its catalogues or on its commercial websites and all related service provisions in Ireland to persons acting in a professional capacity as well the general public. Any order for a product implies acceptance without reservation by the Client and his/ her full acknowledgement of these general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions of sale and the purchase and sale transactions arising from them are gover- ned by Ireland law. Any commercial disputes that may arise from these general terms and conditions of sale, and the resulting or ensuing litigation, will be submitted to the exclusive ju- risdiction of the Trade Courts of Ireland. Wesco, however, reserves the right to file action with any other competent court of its choice.

2. Products The products are described and presented with the highest degree of accuracy pos- sible. However, the photographs and graphic representations displayed on our sales media (catalogues, website) are for information and guidance only and are not contractual. There- fore, the liability of WESCO cannot be incurred in the event of an error.

3. Prices Our selling prices are guaranteed for the pe-

riod of time during which each of our catalo- gues and sales documents are valid, or during the period stated on each promotional offer. The selling prices of products on our website are those displayed when the order is taken. If, for economic reasons, notably in the event of raw material price increase, certain prices are changed before the catalogue validity period ends, the client will be informed of the change at the time of ordering.

Referent prices are displayed including and excluding all taxes (VAT is at the rate 23% appli- cable on the date our catalogue is printed) Prices and taxes are only valid for Ireland. If one or more taxes or contributions are intro- duced or modified, these changes may be applied to the sales price of the products shown in the catalogue and the various sales media. In this case, the client will be informed beforehand.

Discounts negotiated with Wesco in connec- tion with calls for tenders or business agree- ments are not applicable to prices that have already been discounted (kits, maxi packs , products undergoing stock clearance) or deli- very solutions. For articles displaying a price that has already been discounted, the dis- count applies to the original price (crossed out prices).

4. Ordering Orders can be placed on the website, by tele- phone, facsimile or by post on the basis of the product numbers quoted in the hardcopy ca- talogues. The client acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted these general terms and conditions of sale before confirming his/ her order: confirming the order therefore im- plies acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale. The client acknowledges that, before confir- ming his/her order, he/she has been given the opportunity to examine its contents and prices in detail and correct any errors. Clients are also reminded that any which has been confirmed constitutes an obligation to pay for it.

Purchase orders sent by a client by facsimile or post imply full acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale, as per the remin- der printed in bold letters on the order form.

Orders placed by telephone and confirmed by payment also imply full acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

Orders are fulfilled within the limits of avai- lable stocks, and for products not stored in our warehouses, contingent on availability from our supplier. Wesco furthermore reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order when the price displayed for the product(s) is wrong or when there are serious reasons for suspecting fraudulent intentions regarding the order(s). If a dispute with a client regarding payment for a previous order is in progress, Wesco reserves the right to block shipment of the new order.

For any order placed by telephone, facsimile or the internet, please do not send confirma- tion by post.

5. Shipping costs We apply a handling and processing charge of 4.88 including VAT on every order delivered in Ireland.

Furniture: our furniture is delivered unassem- bled. Prices do not include any assembly ser-

vices. We will supply a quote for any requests for assembly at the place of delivery (please refer to our service guide at the beginning of the catalogue).

6. Delivery The merchandise is delivered by a freight car- rier to the address entered on the purchase order within 7-10 working days. This timeframe is given for information purposes only. It comes into effect on the date your order is recorded and depends, in parti- cular, on the availability of freight carriers and on the order in which the merchandise arrives. If, on an exceptional basis, the delivery time- frame announced cannot be met, the client will be informed and will have the choice of either maintaining the order or cancelling it. This timeframe is not guaranteed for orders in- volving a large number of items or customised articles. For deliveries during back-to-school periods and the festive season, or for deliveries on a specific date, we recommend that you place orders as early as possible.

7. Transfer of title and liability WESCO retains full title to the products and/ or equipment and accessories until full and effective payment has been received and all the client s obligations to WESCO have been performed. Until such time, the products and/or equip- ment delivered shall be considered as consi- gned and the client shall bear full liability for any damage or loss caused to, or by, the relevant products and/or equipment for any reason whatsoever. Failing total or partial payment, WESCO may, without prejudice to its other rights, apply for the immediate return of the products and/or equipment at the client s expense, by registered letter with acknowled- gement of receipt.

8. Order receipt Merchandise travels at the recipient s risks and liability, even if sent carriage-free. On the day of delivery, read the packing slip and check the number and condition of the parcels in the carrier s presence. If you observe a problem on delivery, report this immediately on the carrier s delivery slip with the comment damaged parcels or mis- sing parcels . Caution: The comment subject to unpacking does not provide ANY recourse against the carrier. On the receipt, write your full name, date and sign it, and if you have company stamp, stamp it. If you observe any damage, you have a period of 72 hours to file a complaint with the carrier; a copy of the claim must also be sent for infor- mation to our customer service department : WESCO IRELAND, 11 CALBRO HOUSE, TUAM ROAD, GALWAY No claims (missing or damaged parcels) will be considered if this procedure is not obser- ved.

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