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New3 YEAR GUARANTEE Design wesco

Made of 100% recyclable plastic


The world is a playful space

printed on 100% PEFC certified paper

Wesco is ISO 14001 certified: 2015

and ISO 9001: 2015, by SOCOTEC

Certification France, for product design

and distribution Free copy

The world is a playful space

Ev er

yt hi

ng y

ou n

ee d

fo r c

hi ld

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0- 12

y rs


Everything you need for children 0-12 yrs

Nurseries, Crèches, Preschools, Playgroups, Schools,

Childcare Centres, Leisure Centres, and Specialist Groups

Comfortably seated at the child s height

see page 153

Specially developed for adults, our recliner perfectly supports

the back and head, while offering seating at the same level as the

child. Pliable and stackable, it will quickly become essential for your

day-to-day work!

(Comfort model with built-in seat and headrest)